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mailing lists

I'd like to compile a list of the various mailing lists dealing with
AI hardware and software issues.  I'm interested in e-mail lists
dealing with:

        - particular machines, e.g. Symbolics, Sun, etc.
        - general ai
        - language development lists
        - window systems development efforts.
        - anything else you think is interesting

I don't think such a compilation exists since the various lists are so
distributed, but if one does I'd appreciate a pointer to it.

So please let me know about your favorite mailing lists, with full
internet net addresses.  Please also give me the admin address for the
lists if they are more than just "-request" attached to the name.  To
cut down on mail glut, please reply to me and I'll summarize back to
the list.

Chunka Mui

email: c.aitcmui@chip.uchicago.edu