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[Anthony@ALDERAAN.SCRC.Symbolics.COM: 1Command Menu handlers and Program Frameworks ...0]

   Date: Wed, 28 Oct 87 13:27 EST
   From: Steve Anthony <Anthony@ALDERAAN.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>
   Subject: Command Menu handlers and Program Frameworks ...
      Date: Mon, 26 Oct 87 19:43 EDT
      From: Richard Billington <Buff@cis.upenn.edu>

      First, a user wanted to be able to specify the documentation on the mouse
      line for commands he was specifying. I can find no straight-forward way
      of doing that, so ...

      [hack deleted]

   This is a bug in Genera 7.1 that has been fixed for the next release.
   You will be able to specify (for example):

   Sorry for the inconvienience.

      [rest deleted]

Now that you mention it, there's another bug with the mouse
documentation line.  DW:TRACKING-MOUSE generates the mouse documentation
line by using (send window :set-highlighted-presentation NIL "doc").
However, if you're trying to control what is and what isn't highlighted,
this is a big loss.  The behavior one sees is quite odd:  whenever the
user moves his mouse over an item, the highlighting box appears for just
an instant and then flutters away into never-never land.  Below you'll
find a couple hacks that avoid this bug:

(defmethod2 (:set-highlighted-presentation dynamic-pop-up-window)
0       (ignore &optional documentation shifts more-documentation)
  3;; Stub to avoid grossness of DW:TRACKING-MOUSE, which always
0  3;; sets this presentation to NIL to display the appropriate
0  3;; documentation.
0  3;;
  ;; Gleaned from disassembled code... if you have the source, you
  ;; might want to make appropriate changes.
0  (let ((update? nil))
    (when documentation
      (setq update? (string-equal dw::who-line-documentation-string
      (setq dw::who-line-documentation-string documentation))
    (when shifts
      (setq dw::who-line-documentation-last-shifts shifts))
    (when more-documentation
      (setq update? (string-equal dw::who-line-more-documentation-string
      (setq dw::who-line-more-documentation-string more-documentation))
    (when update? (setq tv:*mouse-documentation-needs-update* t))

;;; Highlighting functions for use in DW:TRACKING-MOUSE

(defun2 my-presentation-highlighter0 (p window)
  (let ((blinker (send window :highlighting-blinker))
    (boxes (dw::presentation-mouse-sensitive-boxes p window t)))
    (when boxes
      (send blinker :set-boxes boxes)
      (send blinker :set-visibility :on))))

(defun2 my-presentation-un-highlighter0 (p window)
  (declare (ignore p))
  (send (send window :highlighting-blinker) :set-visibility nil))

3;;; Sample use of DW:TRACKING-MOUSE.  LAST-PRESENT is a state variable
;;; used to keep the value of the last highlighted presentation.
;;; Dynamic windows are supposed to do this for you, but they don't work
;;; with dw::tracking-mouse.

0(dw::tracking-mouse (win :whostate "Vector Choose")
  (2:presentation0 (p)
     (return-from track-mouse nil))
     3;; Clear the old one if necessary
0     (cond ((my-presentation-equal p last-present))
       ((and last-present
         (eql 'delta-vector
              (dw:presentation-type last-present)))
        (my-presentation-un-highlighter last-present win)))
     3;; Highlight the new one if necessary
0     (cond ((my-presentation-equal p last-present))
       ((and p (eql 'delta-vector (dw:presentation-type p)))
        (my-presentation-highlighter p win)))
     3;; Store p as the last presentation that we've processed
0     (setq last-present p))))

    <code to generate a documentation string>)

  [rest deleted]