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How to reach me re: Dialnet/Internet

Our Internet connection has come online (and approved by NIC) only in
the last few weeks.  The tentative entry in the Dialnet announcement
for ADS, Washington office is now firm:

;;; Advanced Decision Systems; Arlington, Virginia (formerly AI&DS)
;;; 1500 Wilson Blvd #512; Arlington, Virginia 22209-2401
;;; Mark D. Grover: (703) 243-1611 Eastern time
;;; Postmaster's address: Grover@Potomac.ADS.Com
;;; We run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We accept incoming calls.
(:HOST "Monticello" :ADDRESS "17032439464")
(:DOMAIN "ADS.Com" :HOST "Monticello")

Note that we are an example of a site both on Internet and Dialnet.
Internet sites normally comment out entries of Dialnet sites which are
also on ARPAnet, so that normal mail routing takes place.

To suggest additions and corrections contact:

Mark D. Grover
Advanced Decision Systems
1500 Wilson Blvd, Suite 512
Arlington, Virginia 22209-2401
(703) 243-1611
grover@Potomac.ADS.Com (Internet host
[also: grover@ads.arpa]