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Re: Anyone have any experience with prom 47 in laserwriters??

    Date: Thu 12 Nov 87 09:31:51-CST
    From: John Lawler  <J.AITJLAW@CHIP.UChicago>

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    Subject: Anyone have any experience with prom 47 in laserwriters??
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	Date: Tue, 10 Nov 87 08:21 CST
	From: Mark Rosenstein <rosenstein@HI.MCC.COM>


	We are thinking of upgrading our laserwriters and laserwriter pluses to
	all be pluses and run prom set 47. [Recently purchased LW+ may already
	have this new set]. We have a LW+ hooked up to a 3600 print spooler.

    I take it from your message that you have gotten the laserwriter plus to
    work on the 3600?? Was anything special involved with this?? What serial
    port is it hung off of?? What version prom does the laserwriter plus
    have that is hooked up and working?? Are there any special changes to
    the namespace to enable the LW+ to work? Have you had any other little
    problems with the printer??

	Not desiring to boldly go where no Symbolics has gone before, has anyone
	run the new proms?

    I would also like to know if you hear from anybody who has been able to make
    the new prom set work. (version 47)



	P.S. The new prom set is supposed to be faster, especially with bitmaps
	(rumor mill says 4-5x faster), with the usual bug fixes. That's all I

    Thanks in advance


    We've got a LaserWriter+ attached to our Symbolics network, and there
    very little that you have to do except drop about $3000 for Symbolics'
    printer software. As for which serial port it hangs off of, we just
    have the printer hanging off one of the consoles at 9600 baud (we
    don't have it attached to the main unit because that's in another
    area). The only problem with the LaserWriter is if you have both Macs
    and Symbolics attached to it. The Macs are on Appletalk, and the
    Symbolics are attched to the serial port. There is a knob on the back
    of the LaserWriter that tells the printer which port (apppletalk or
    serial) to pay attention to, so evrytime you want to use a different
    machine (that is, a Mac after the Symbolics has just printed, or vice
    versa), you have to go over to the printer and change the setting

    As to which prom set we're running, I don't know, although it's not

						    -- John Lawler

To determine which set of prom is in the Laser Writer, simply examine the
FIRST banner page to come out of the printer. You will notice the NAME
of the printer, then below that, three rectangular boxes over-lapping
each other. The first box has a line graph and below the graph will be a
number, I.E. 1.0, 2.0. That number is the PROM version. The second
rectangle contains a bar graph. When your printer is set to run at 9600
baud, 9600 will be displayed above the bar graphs. Below the graphs are
two numbers, signifying the two serial ports on the printer, 9 pin and
25 pin, respectivly. If the graphs are shaded in that indicates that the
port has self tested properly.