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A question about ignoring IGNORE

If I have a macro which expands into some lisp code which contains
local variable definitions (either through LET or DEFUN etc.)
and I don't know or care whether all such variables will be used
by any particular expansion of the macro, I run into the
following annoying problem. The compiler will complain and issue
warnings that the variables are unused, but if I declare them
as (DECLARE (IGNORE FOO)) and the variables are unused then
the compiler will complain and issue a warning that the variables
are used. It turns out to be to much of a pain for me to
determine whether a given variable is used and conditionally
include its binding in the expanded output of the macro. So
as the old saying goes, how do I avoid being "Damned if you
do, and damned if you don't"? What I really want is something