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Re: version numbers (or backups) on non-Symbolics filesystems

-- GUMBY (David Vinayak Wallace) writes:

> So, do you want a general solution, or just one for the editor?  In
> order of generality and ease:
>    o - Write a unix NFILE server.  This would be the best of all.
>        Then you could have it hack version numbers transparently, and
>        all the power of this protocol.
> ...

Well, you see, we are *supposed* to be a beta-test site for the NFILE server
for Unix, but somehow the software has not materialized...

> You could also use a filesystem with version numbers.  I cannot
> understand how, in this day and age, people still advocate a
> filesystem which has not caught up with the 1960's.
*I* don't advocate the file system on the Sun; that doesn't change the fact
that we're stuck with it, though!

In any case, thanks for your reply.