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Re: version numbers (or backups) on non-Symbolics filesystems

	From: royt@pravda.gatech.edu (Roy M Turner)
	I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get the Lisp machine to 
	make backups when writing files to a non-lispm host.  

If you access your Unix files using NFS then multiple versions are kept
using the .~# format similar to Gnumacs.  ILA did an absolutely wonderful
job of implementing NFS for the Symbolics machine and it seems to me
that it's performance is as good as any of the other protocols available
on the Symbolics machine (certainly a lot better than the old FTP connection

And finally, not wishing to start a religious debate but hoping to inform
people there is another way....  Some of us believe that version numbers 
are a pain and would rather use something like the Unix RCS (Revision 
Control System) software to keep track of our history.