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Macsyma<->LISP interface

Does anyone have a nice programmatic interface to Macsyma?  I'd like to
take prefix LISP expressions, ship them off to Macsyma,
and receive the result in LISP.  An ideal interface would
appear as follows:

(macsyma-eval '(integrate (* x x) x)) --> '(+ (/ (expt x 3) 3) c)

For now, I'm using 1climax::meval-toplevel0 and 1climax::mread-from-string0,
packaged inside macros.  This interface, however, forces me to convert
prefix LISP expressions into infix string expressions, which can be
spatially and computationally expensive.  Also, I couldn't find any
functions in the CLIMAX package that convert Macsyma expressions into
LISP code.  Instead, all I found were a bunch of routines for generating

Any hints and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated!