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Re: version numbers, NFILE, Suns and CHAOSnet

    Date: Thu, 19 Nov 87 23:45:34 -0500
    From: Rayan Zachariassen <rayan%ai.toronto.edu@relay.cs.net>

    #     o - Write a unix NFILE server.  This would be the best of all.
    #         Then you could have it hack version numbers transparently, and
    #         all the power of this protocol.

    Speaking of which, has anyone done this (outside Symbolics, I mean)?
    I asked our local Symbolics technical rep. to try to track down the
    internal NFILE-for-UNIX implementation, but he didn't seem to have
    much luck. I remember at the Washington SLUG, someone mentioned this
    existed within the company. They seemed to have great plans for it at
    the time.

ILA-NFS (from Internation Lisp Associates) makes the lispms talk NFS
with UNIX hosts.  It can do file versions with UNIX.

--Dan Aronson