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Bug in the FEP?

    Date: Sat, 21 Nov 87 19:01:14 EST
    From: John T. Nelson <jtn@potomac.ads.com>

    Oh, here's another interesting bug I found the other day.  Does anyone
    else have this problem?  Try typing...

    "Declare Paging-files fep0:>page.page fep1:>second.page<tab>"

    ...where <tab> is a tab character.  The FEP will then spit out an
    endless "Error: invalid string" messages.  Nothing short of reseting
    the machine from the front panel will stop it.  CTRL-HYPER-FUNCTION,
    ABORT, CTRL-ABORT and all of the other reset keys are useless.

Unfortunately, the FEP doesn't recognize tab characters.  Since the
command processor is in PROM, this situation is unlikely to change for
mahines with the V127 PROM set.  Machines with the G206 PROM set, may
recognize tab in a future version.

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