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FTP bug with Suns connected to LISP machines...

    Date: Sat, 21 Nov 87 18:59:44 EST
    From: John T. Nelson <jtn@potomac.ads.com>

    Thanks to Bill Nesheim from Thinking Machines for the fix to our TCP
    problems.  Briefly, when trying to converse between our Suns running
    3.4 and Symbolics LISP machines, one of the machines would open a TCP
    connection but leave it hanging open without transfering data.

    The fix:  Symbolics LISP machines do not recognize trailers on
    ethernet.  You must use ifconfig ie0 arp -trailers to get it to work.

For those who don't know, trailers are a Berkeley Unix modification
to the protocols, done to get more performance on Vaxen.  (Whether it
helps or not is specific to the hardware & software in question).
Since this modification is incompatible, you can only use it on networks
which only have Berkeley Unicies (or other systems modified in this
incompatible manner).