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version numbers, RCS

    Date: Tue, 24 Nov 87 11:36:26 PST
    From: Richard Acuff <Acuff at SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU>

							  I agree that
    version numbers are a poor substitute for an RCS, but, given the
    clumsy interface of RCS systems of the day, it's good to have
    some versioning on files that don't get into the RCS.

File versions and source code control are orthogonal.  It's just that
one of the prerequisites for source code control (if done on the file
level) is some sort of multiple-version mechanism, so RCS has to
provide that.

Feature suggestion:

    It would be nice if LMFS directory parameters inhereited in the
    fashion that TOPS-20 does it.  Not just version numbers; but ACLs

I think we've beaten this issue into the ground.