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Font Conversion

    Date: Tue 24 Nov 87 12:56:09-PST
    From: David Singer <SINGER@SPAR-20.SPAR.SLB.COM>
    I'm looking for software to convert Mac and/or Sun screen fonts to
    Symbolics screen fonts.

The formats that the symbolics font editor can read are: BFD, BIN, KST,
AST, AC, AL, or PXL.  The first two are specific to Symbolics, the third
is a very simple textual format (bits represented by spaces and asterisks),
the next three are Xerox formats, and the last is a TEX format.  If you
have software to convert your MAC and/or SUN fonts into one of these,
you can probably do it.  PXL looks like a good bet.  Use [Read File]
and [Write File] in the Font Editor to read in the PXL file and write
out a BFD file.

If you have to write the conversion program yourself, KST is the
easiest.  Use the Font Editor to write out a KST file from an existing
screen font as a sample and just copy the obvious format.