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Re: Automatic Mode Lines

    Date: Wed, 2 Dec 87 11:17:02 -0200
    From: Moshe Cohen <moco%WISDOM.BITNET@wiscvm.wisc.edu>

    > Does anyone have a hack that automatically inserts a mode line in a newly
    > created LISP mode buffer?  If not, is there an undocumented feature of
    > ZMACS that does the same?
    > Thanks,
    > Scott

    How about putting the following in your init file:



Mode hooks are run every time a mode is turned on, i.e. EVERY time you
go to a buffer in the mode, not just when you first create the buffer.
The result of the above would be that if you manually edited the
attribute list but didn't Reparse Attribute List to incorporate the
changes into the buffer structure, then typed C-M-L twice, the changes
you made would be undone.