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just a question

    Date: Thu, 3 Dec 87 11:05:13 -0200
    From: Moshe Cohen <moco@wisdom.bitnet>

    Why is it not possible to set an array element to the result of
    the COMPILE function as in:


    The following error message is received:

       Trap: The argument given to the CAR instruction,
       was not a locative, a list, or NIL.

The second argument to the COMPILE function is a lambda-expression, not
a function.  You must give COMPILE a quoted lambda expression, which is
implicitly in the null lexical environment, not a closure.

It's essentially a bug that typing at top-level

  (compile nil #'(lambda () 'f))

is sometimes treated as synonymous with

  (compile nil '(lambda () 'f))

Only the latter is intended to work.