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1version numbers0

I second Dan Razzell's remarks about hidden back versions (i.e., old
versions shouldn't be seen unless asked). Maybe versions should be
considered the final leaf nodes in the file hierarchy, with the generic
file as the directory.  Then in analogy with the current situation, the
(versionless) file name (directory) would only be expanded to versions
if you asked for it (e.g. by clicking in fsmaint).  If you ask to edit
it, you should get a settable default, e.g. newest.  This would greatly
compress the overly voluminous (for 99% of uses) directory displays we
now live with.

On a related irritation, I would like to have a default default
generation retention count settable for directories (if it exists, I
haven't figured out how to set it, so maybe someone can tell me).  I.e.
near as I can tell, the current behavior is that if I create a new
directory, the default generation retention count for its daughters is
set to nil, which means infinity, regardless of the value of the parent
of the new directory.  I would prefer if the parent had another
property, the default default gen. ret. count, which would specify what
the default gen. ret. count should be for its subdirectories.  This
would be inherited.  It would probably be ok to just make the
default gen ret count inherited to newly created directories.