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Please use SLUG-REQUEST for administrative messages

Please use the mail address SLUG-REQUEST@R20.UTEXAS.EDU for requests for adding
to or deleting from the SLUG mailing list.  Most mailing lists on the Arpanet
follow the protocol of appending "-REQUEST" to the mailing list address to
get to just the administrator.  (I do try to get to the requests within a
week or two....)

There are also a number of sites that have local redistribution of SLUG mail.
If your site is one, suggest that new people from your site be added to that
rather than making requests to SLUG-REQUEST.  (Also, if someone leaves, please
remove his address!)

Some people have occasionally sent a message to CMP.SLUG@R20.UTEXAS.EDU.
That address is the account that resends out all the mail to SLUG (so
noone has to filter all the mail and so rejection messages don't go out
to the whole list), so mail sent to CMP.SLUG is lost.