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Load System Problem

    Date: Wed, 9 Dec 87 19:04:31 PST
    From: David Kriegman <kriegs@coyote.stanford.edu>

    I'm using the SCT to define a numer of systems which contain subsystems.
    In fact, there is a chain of about 10 successive subsystems.  The lowest
    level subsystems, the bottom three, are generally saved in the world
    but when I do a load system, these 3 systems are reloaded.  

I assume you mean "component systems", not subsystems.

In any event, this works properly in 7.2.  What I recommend for the time
being is that you bite the bullet and use the 1:include-components nil
0kludge.  You could always just write some special purpose command or
function to do this for you.

Even though we knew about this well before 7.1, there was no way to fix
it as a patch.

    It's not convenient to just use :include-components nil because I would have
    to do this 7 times for each of the higher systems.  The files are stored
    on a UNIX system communicating via IP/TCP.  I don't know if this related
    to the lack of version numbers in UNIX.

    Is there some way to change to system declaration to get this to work?
    or any other hacks to avoid reloading?
    The systems have keywords :initial-status :experimental,  :patchable nil
    and everything else is default.

    Thanks for any help.