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Re: Mail to UNIX 4.2 Systems (SUNs in particular)

I guess I wasn't very clear, a couple of people reminded me that SUNs
seem to have a problem with CRLFs.  I do understand that, but I do not
know how to fix it.  

We have tried:

sendmail -ba  (Which should turn on ARPA mode with CRLFs)
sendmail -ba -bs  (Which should turn on ARPA mode with CRLFs forcing
                   SMTP reading from the console (which should be
                   pointless, but we tried anyway)

We have tried this "by hand", by running sendmail separately with its
own sendmail.cf file (as opposed to changing /usr/lib/sendmail.cf and
restarting the sendmail server)

We are running Sun UNIX 3.2....

If someone could send us a sendmail.cf file which works, and/or tell us
what command line arguments work, we would certainly think kind thoughts
about you.

And for you folks at Symbolics reading this, is there some reason SMTP
is considered part of ZMAIL?

If SMTP were a part of the mailer, than hey, we could grab the source,
figure out the low level calls and debug it ourselves, but since it is a
part of ZMAIL, it is optional (and alas, we don't have it).


Jerry Bakin


(213) 417-7997