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Program Naming with dw:define-program-framework

    Date: Wed, 9 Dec 87 13:04:09 est
    From: Mike Kelsen <kelsen@ge-dab.ge.com>

					  I would like to see the 
    program-flavor name appear in the command prompt instead but still keep
    the "pretty-name" in the <select> <help> window.

The way to do this is on pages 96-97 of Book 7A.  You do
something like this:

(dw:define-program-framework my-progran
  :top-level (my-program-top-level)

(defmethod (my-program-top-level my-progran) (&rest options)
  (apply 'dw:default-command-top-level self
	 :prompt "Any Prompt You Want: " options))

This technique can be used to customize the interactor loop in various
ways, by letting you provide arguments to dw:default-command-top-level.
This function is described in the Genera 7.1 Patch Notes.