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Re: Program Naming with dw:define-program-framework

    Date: Sun 13 Dec 87 01:53:30-CST

	Date: Sat, 12 Dec 87 17:00 EST
	From: Charles Lamb <Lamb@SAPSUCKER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

	    Date: Wed, 9 Dec 87 13:04:09 est
	    From: Mike Kelsen <kelsen@ge-dab.ge.com>

	     My problem is the "pretty-name" is also used to build the command
	    prompt in my :listener pane and is entirely too long to allow some 
	    commands to appear on the same line.  I would like to see the 
	    program-flavor name appear in the command prompt instead but still keep
	    the "pretty-name" in the <select> <help> window.

	You can use a :top-level keyword in your define-program-framework to
	define a top level function.

	Then either defun or defmethod the top level function.  In it, call
	dw:default-command-top-level with a :prompt option.  For example,

	(defmethod (foo-top foo-program) ()
	  (dw:default-command-top-level self :prompt "something"))

	This is explained a little more on page 97 of book 7a.

	Hope this helps.

    I've found it easier to just set the title I want as the title pane's
    :redisplay-string property.  

That doesn't change the prompt, nor does it substitute for
setting the pretty name so far as :Select Activity.  It does
point out another useful bit of control you have.