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Re: Mail to UNIX 4.2 Systems (SUNs in particular)

    Date: Tue, 15 Dec 87 12:29+0100
    From: "Juergen Christoffel" <unido!gmdzi!lispm-1!JC@uunet.UU.NET>


    There has been a discussion at the beginning of 1987 on the slug list
    concerning this mail problems.  I'll append the relevant message, hope
    it helps. It did help us.


Yes.  Two people sent me those messages, and the mailer did in fact work
exactly as predicted, the first time.

It seems very common to have Suns and Symbolics on the same
network, and it seems very reasonable and popular to want mail
service to connect them together.  

Perhaps Symbolics documentation, within the section on installing the
mailer, could tell/remind people on how to set up the sun mailer
correctly.  No, it is not Symbolics' responsibility, yes, it would be
terribly convenient all around.  After all, Symbolics widely1 0advertises
how well their machines1 0network, if they really want to make this
claim, they should be willing to include information on how to make the
machine specific changes.

And of course, the real blame here is at Sun, which makes a program
which can speak a network standard (or not) and ships it so that it
doesn't speak the standard.  "Ooh, those carriage returns are just too
icky for me."  Such Brain Damage!

Jerry Bakin.