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Re: Mail to UNIX 4.2 Systems (SUNs in particular)

    Date: Tue, 15 Dec 87 17:13 PST
    From: Jerry Bakin <Jerry@marlowe.inference.dialnet.symbolics.com>

    And of course, the real blame here is at Sun, which makes a program
    which can speak a network standard (or not) and ships it so that it
    doesn't speak the standard.  "Ooh, those carriage returns are just too
    icky for me."  Such Brain Damage!

Don't forget the imfamous ifconfig -trailers option.  (To Sun's credit,
I just looked in their documentation on setting up a network, and their
examples use -trailers (so why isn't it the default?!?).)

It seems a real shame that Symbolics should have to write a manual
describing all the things that all other network software vendors forget
to tell you.  Their existing manuals already need alot of work, and I
think this should have higher priority.