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domain name resolution is not as clear-cut a problem as one might think

    Date: Wed, 16 Dec 87 04:16:58 EST
    From: David Vinayak Wallace <GUMBY@AI.AI.MIT.EDU>


    Customer-reports, like most companies' support departments, consists
    of people who know how to read manuals.  Technical people go crazy in
    such a job.  Therefore I generally use it for complaints rather than
    for things which I want fixed in the near term.  What works is just to
    send them your code; that way they can send the code to the
    responsible person, and maybe then it'll be "fixed in the next release."

I think you owe them an apology for this remark.  Certainly berating
anyone publicly is not the way to get good service from them in the
future, regardless of their competence.

 From my end, it seems like they're doing a pretty good job of filtering
out stupid reports like "(- 0.1 0.07)  0.03" and "I replaced my LMFS
with a paging file and have all the company's payroll in the LMFS".
Additionally they reduce developers' workload by forwarding reports
only to the responsible developers, rather than the whole network.  The
developers therefore have more time to devote to solving 1your0 problems.
The only thing you lose is that you might not get the nice warm feeling
you get when you talk to "the" authoritative person.

Anyway, I've got to get out of the amoeba-defense business and back to
work.  I'll leave you with the following:

  (loop doing
    (case (random 3)
      (0 (format t "~%What are you 1really0 trying to do?"))
      (1 (format t "~%If it were that simple, it would have been fixed already."))
      (2 (format t "~%Well, don't do that then."))))
  -- Anonymous technical support person who recently was committed to
     the Massachusetts State Home for the Bewildered.