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Symbolics terminal emulator works lousy

You write:

       Date: Wed, 16 Dec 87 22:41:10 +0100
       From: mcvax!jungfrau!ceb@uunet.UU.NET

	. . . 
       copies of deamons lying around, we're thinking of hourly cron shells
       to solve the problem.

   I should point out that this sounds like a bug in the Unix TCP
   implementation that you're using, not a problem on the Symbolics side.
	. . .

I have run into this bug using the following operating systems:
1. Ultrix 1.2
2. Sun OS 3.2
3. Bell Labs Version 9 Unix 
4. VMS 4.5
Modulo the normal operating system differences, it seems to appear
consistently.  To be quite accurate,
a. When you reboot a Lispm and there are ftp sessions or telnet
   sessions open, they get left around
b. Under certain circumstances, when you type c-m-Abort and you are
   reading a file, you also get the associated ftp session added to
   your pile of junk deamons.
Now, the system managers of all these systems do eat lunch together,
so there is a possibility that they have developed some local bizarre 
variation of the TCP parameters, but I somehow doubt it.

Other similar services between other types of machines on the net
clean up after themselves with no problems, and under similar

You also write:

       Both SUPDUP and TELNET have had the problem for a couple of releases
       that they make mincemeat of your screen when you use cursor motion

   I just tried it (Telnet to Unix via IP/TCP, simulating an Ambassador)
   and it worked fine for me.

Mr. Boulanger of BBN sent a message suggesting that I try the Sun
termcap with the AAA emulator.  That does scrolling right, but cannot
clear the screen.  

Using the aaa-40 termcap entry with the AAA emulator:
- when you move the cursor down a row, it does this *and clears the
- when you move the cursor up a row, it deletes the row below it
- c-A in GNUEMACS does not move to the beginning of the line.
- its Telnet, which doesn't support reverse video, but when that 
  did "work", it left huge black stripes all over the screen
  when scrolling (after the editor updated the mode line, the
  attribute stuck)
All these are frustrating, but livable, but here's the killer:
- somehow, there gets text stuck in the
  display buffer that came from previous displays.  If, say, I am
  preparing a message, and I delete a phrase, *but it keeps coming 
  back*, there's no way in the world I'm going to send that message.
  I moved back to my desk terminal after trying to reply to you on the
  Symbolics, during which the above all happened.

I saw your reply to barmar, and we do have 7.1.  If its fixed in 7.2,
that's good enough for me *if we get 7.2 when the U. S. gets it*.  We
had to wait a full year for 7.0 after seeing other, decidedly non-beta
sites (in France even) that had it.