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My version of Lisp Machine Hardcopy support using the UNIX lpd protocol

I have implemented a fairly complete user-end of the UNIX lpd hardcopy
protocol, so that people who want to print files on printers connected to UNIX
boxes can do it with absolutely minimal changes to the UNIX box.  All you have
to do is add the name of your lisp machine to the /etc/hosts.equiv file on the
UNIX so that it accepts hardcopy requests from the lispm.  No other
modification of the UNIX is needed.

The file is available with ftp from pub/lpd-user.lisp on the host
hermes.ai.mit.edu.  I can mail copies to people who do not have Internet ftp

This file provides for transparent printing on printers connected to
UNIX hosts that support the lpd hardcopy protocol, which is provided
as part of 4.2 BSD UNIX and its descendents. Basic support is
provided for the :Hardcopy File, :Show Printer Status, and the :Delete
Printer Request commands, and additional support is provided for the
priviledged commands :Halt Printer, :Start Printer, :Reset Printer, and
:Delete Printer Request for requests not owned by the user logged into
the Lisp Machine. The priviledged commands will only work if the Lisp
Machine has root rsh access to the UNIX.