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Hardcopy with TCP/IP? Well almost.

     I ALMOST have the hardcopy system working to print on a 
non-Symbolics printer over TCP.  The program uses an rexec
protocol and issues an LPR command before sending the file
over to the VAX.

     My only problem is any output printed gets printed on the same
line.  I have tried different machines and different printers and
all combinations yield the same result.  Page breaks work okay, but
linefeeds and carriage returns fail to do their job.

     I think the problem lies in the fact that I had to declare the
printer to be of type ASCII.  I would have liked to declare the 
printer type to be LGP2 (since my target printer is a LaserWriter),
but I don't have the LGP2 fonts and get the same error everytime I 
attempt to print "... is the LGP2 software installed correctly? ...".

     I also tried the other printer types including LGP, XGP, and 
PRESS.  All of these give me error messages. 

     ASCII is the only type declaration that "works", but it
seems to choke on the #\cr and #\line characters.

     Any ideas?

                                - Michael S. Kelsen