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Re: Problem of define-program-framework

    Date:  Sunday, 29 November 1987 04:03 pst
    From:  Yasuaki Honda <honda%titisa.is.titech.junet%utokyo-relay.csnet at RELAY.CS.NET>

    Dear Symbolics hackers,

    When I specify :top-level keyword in a dw:define-program-framework
    with a function of my own read-eval-print loop, some troubles occure.

    1. Nothing appears in Title pane.
    2. Redisplaying does not occur after the execution of commands in
       Display pane in which I specify
          :redisplay-after-commands t
          :redisply-function with a function
          :incremental-redisplay nil.

This is because the default toplevel takes care of the redisplay every
time through the loop, as you'd expect any "read-eval-print" loop to do.
The Title-type panes are redisplayed using the same technology as any
other panes, just not updated every time a command is executed.  [They
are updated the first time, though, which is what you'd expect].

What does your read-eval-print loop do that's different from the default
one?  You might find that all you need to supply is a wrapper around the
default one, which binds special variables and then calls the default.
However, if you actually need to change the way things are read or
evaluated, you will probably need the source to the default toplevel,
which, of course, is not currently available from Symbolics.