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circular structures

 Three points:
  1) My note was not intended to incense anyone, nor flame symbolics.
     Symbolics seems to be doing an excellent job and I am in love
     with my symbolics machine. Methinks you misread the meaning of 'ha'.
     The meaning was: we spent a great deal of time CREATING the
     circular structures in the first place. I had to laugh at the
     thought that I now had to flatten them again (even in compiled
     code?). Seems like circular work to me.
  2) Common lisp gives notation that supports circular structures.
     It seems that, by the correctness argument, circular structures
     should be supported.
  3) We were required to ERASE ALL source code. If this were not the
     case I would have hacked the required fixes without ever calling
     customer support.
 Sorry that I touched a nerve.

IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, N.Y.