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FTP Problems (was: Symbolics terminal emulator works lousy)

Here's a possible way to have the Lispm do all the work necessary to
punt TCP connections left from its previous bootload.

The main reason that your other solutions require hacking on the
non-Lispm of the connection is that only that side knows what
connections to the rebooted Lispm exist.  So, the solution is for the
Lispm to remember its connections across bootloads, which means writing
information to a file.

Whenever a TCP connection is opened, a record of the addresses (include
the local address, since it could change) and port numbers is written to
a file (a local FEP file, to prevent recursion).  When a TCP connection
is closed a similar record is written.  When you reboot, read the file
and send out RSTs for all the connections that were never closed.