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CLOE, C development environment on the Symbolics machines

At AAAI Symbolics announced CLOE (common lisp development/delivery on
UNIX 5.3) and support for X-WINDOWS.  In addition a C development
environment was also announced.  I am trying to find out more
information about these products.  I have the following questions.

1.  Has any one technically evaluated the products (or is it too soon?)

2.  If so, what are the impressions.

3.  Will the COMMON LISP delivery environment on UNIX 5.3 run in any
UNIX 5.3 machine.

4.  How complete is the C development environment.

If any of you have looked at these products, I will be very thankful for
your impressions.

Basically, we are trying to decide if it is a good idea to develop
systems on symbolics and deliver on UNIX.  The development will consist
of LISP and C program development as well as user interface development.
For User interface development we might be using X.