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Recovering deleted ZWEI buffers.

    Date: Mon, 11 Jan 88 13:45 PST
    From: Steve Trever <trev@vermithrax.sch.symbolics.com>

	Date: Sat, 9 Jan 88 21:01 PST
	From: Jerry Bakin <Jerry@MARLOWE.inference.dialnet.symbolics.com>

	Hmm, I can undelete files, is there some way to undelete a buffer?

	Anyway, the buffer was gone, and I wanted it back.

	Here's what I did.  It seems to work.  I must say, while dynamic windows
	were not crucial to this, it sure made it easy to crawl through the area
	when I could click describe on a structure. 

    Can we quote you on this?  How would you have gone about
    it without using the output history?  Wonder if it's doable
    entirely from within the editor.

(with-open-stream (*standard-output* (zwei:interval-stream ...))
  (zwei:recover-buffer ...))

You'd also have to change ZWEI:FIND-BUFFERS to return the buffer objects
rather than just printing them.