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Color Maps

     How does one change every occurance of a color (color-A) on the color
screen with another color (color-B) short of drawing every item drawn in
color-A over again in color-B?  For example, change all the dark-orange
pixels to bright-yellow pixels.

   Here's how I have been trying to do this:

     Using the :compute-rgb-slots message I would find out which slots in
     the color map are used to construct my color. (color-A)

     Now, I can change the slot(s) that will give me my new color using
     the :write-managed-map message.

     A quick :new-color-map and :set-map-mode message and my new color
     (color-B) appears where color-A used to be just as I want.

     Unfortunately, any other color on the screen that happens to be
constructed from one or more of the changed slots also changes color. :-(

     Either I'm missing a couple of steps or totally off-course.  Please 
mail me any suggestions that you may have on this matter or post them on
the net if you think they are worthwhile.

                                           - Michael S. Kelsen