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Zmacs Modes

I am trying to build a ZMACS mode for a Pascal like language.  I would
like to essentially build the equivalent of Meta-.
(COM-EDIT-DEFINITION) except for this other language.  In other words
I would like to be able to point at function names and have them be
highlighted and if I click on one have something useful returned.  I
have tried the following two ideas, which both almost work.  I defined
a presentation-translator from SYS:EXPRESSION to MY-TYPE (the type of
thing I want to except, which is just ALIST-MEMBER with a better
description).  This works except for cases like the following (assume
FOO is something I want to read): FOO=BAR the SYS:EXPRESSION thing is
FOO=BAR or FOO:BAR.  SYS:EXPRESSION does not use the correct syntax,
even if I bind the readtable around the call to accept.

I have also defined a presentation-translator from DW:RAW-TEXT to
MY-TYPE.  This works (I get what I want returned and the mouse
documentation line displays the correct thing) except the text is not
highlighted (only the character being pointed at).

This seems like something that would be straight forward to use, but
the documentation for this stuff is (in my opinion) terrible and
incomplete.  I think that I could have also figured it out quite
quickly from the source for the stuff for the presentation type
SYS:FUNCTION-SPEC, but that is hoarded.

Any help would be appreciated,