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Removing Fonts From Files

   Date: Fri, 15 Jan 88 09:59:35 CST
   From: Daniel A Haug <aihaug@austin.lockheed.com>
   Resent-Date: Fri 15 Jan 88 12:36:15-CST
   Resent-From: CMP.SLUG@r20.utexas.edu
   Resent-To: SLUG:;@r20.utexas.edu

   I am admittedly ignorant on a lot of these type of things, but surely there
   must be a way to remove font control characters from my ZMACS files.  We
   do code development on the symbolics, while this code must also run on the
   Sun (under Lucid).  I am preferential to using character styles, but find
   myself editing them right back out after transferring the files to the sun.

   What I would like to do is maintain my "pretty" version on the symbolics,
   and dump the "non-pretty" version to the sun when necessary, by simply
   executing m-X "Write File <filename> With Character Styles Removed", or
   something.  You get the idea.

   Does this capability exist already?

   dan haug

We (TMC) have a C program that quickly strips Symbolics font info from
source files.  We've also written our own version of DEFSYSTEM that works
on 36xx's and Lucid (on Sun3/4's and Ultrix and VMS) and that knows how to
automatically move source and binary files from a LMFS to an Ultrix or Unix
or VMS machine for loading into Lucid.  This tool automatically calls the
font stripper program on all sources so that things just work.  I'm sure
you can have the font stripper program if you want it.  The defsystem like
tool may be another matter; it's got lots of site dependant code and the
documentation is sometimes wrong.  We might be able to give it to you on a
strictly "as is" basis.  It's not quite as bad as it sounds, it does work
for us and we use it to load all of our software into all these different

For Lucid, you could advise LISP:COMPILE-FILE to automatically invoke the
font stripper program on all sources into a temporary file, then pass the
temporary filename to the real COMPILE-FILE, then delete the temporary.  A
disadvantage of this approach is that the source file information will be
wrong and Lucid will emit lots of bogus function redefinition warnings.
Our version of defsystem arranges for all that to work correctly (we've
done plenty of internal Lucid hacking).