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Removing Fonts From Files

    Date: Fri, 15 Jan 88 09:59:35 CST
    From: Daniel A Haug <aihaug@AUSTIN.LOCKHEED.COM>

    What I would like to do is maintain my "pretty" version on the symbolics,
    and dump the "non-pretty" version to the sun when necessary, by simply
    executing m-X "Write File <filename> With Character Styles Removed", or

In Zmacs, you can do c-X H c-X c-J <return> to change all characters in
the buffer to the default style, followed by c-X H m-X Write Region
<return> pathname <return> to write the file to where you want it.  Of
course this destroys the character styles in your buffer, so if you want
to continue editing the "pretty" version, you have to read it in again
with m-X Revert Buffer.