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Re: Removing Fonts From Files

A call to the (undocumented) function
  (SI:CHANGE-STRING-CHARACTER-STYLE D,#TD1PsT[Begin using 006 escapes](1 0 (NIL 0) (NIL :ITALIC NIL) "CPTFONTI")string style(2 0 (NIL 0) (NIL NIL NIL) "CPTFONT"))
with 1style2 = '(nil nil nil) will return a string with  the character
styles stripped.  This is useful for stripping characters without going
thru ZMACS.  Notice that the call
  (format nil "~v~a~" '(nil nil nil)1 string2)
will not strip the character style - the character information in the
style specification is MERGED against the style already in the string.

David Throop