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Re: Removing Fonts From Files

    Date: Tue, 19 Jan 88 13:33 EST
    From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind <Qobi@ZERMATT.LCS.MIT.EDU>

    P. S. I would also like a a command that "un-shift-lock-ifies" a file.
    I find that Symbolics source code written in m-X Electric Shift Lock mode
    is very unreadable so when I m-. some code I would like to be able to
    downshift the case of code while preserving the case of strings and comments.
    For symetry you should provide the opposite command which "shift-lock-ifies"
    a file too as per the above argument.

m-X Lowercase Code In Region, m-X Lowercase Code In Buffer,
m-X Uppercase Code In Region, and m-X Uppercase Code In Buffer
do just what you want.  They know not to mess with strings and
comments.  I don't think these commands are new.