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Removing Fonts From Files

   From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind <Qobi@ZERMATT.LCS.MIT.EDU>

		 I don't want to have to change styles manually however. I know
   that modes like m-X Electric Character Style Lock Mode will put comments in
   italic and once upon a time (before Genera 7.0) m-X Electric Def Lock Mode put
   the name of a definition into bold. That was all fine and dandy except for one
   problem: There was no way to convert a file that was written without those
   modes into one which used those modes.

I use a mode called Styled Lisp which runs in 7.0 (it ran under rel 6 under a
different name).  This mode is a combination of Electric Character Style Lock
Mode, Electric Shift Lock Mode, and Electric Def Lock Mode.  You set variables
to choose among the combinations of font and case.  It's got a command called
M-x Convert to Styled Lisp File that runs over the buffer setting up the fonts
and reindenting the code.  It's available on AI and LCS machines via :Enable
Facility Styled Lisp.

				A general rule to be followed is whenever
   you provide an automatic formater of any kind that works interactively
   on input, it should be accompanied with a reformater for the same standard.

An excellent suggestion.

- Mark