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rtape over tcp-ip

    Date: Wed, 20 Jan 88 13:15:32 PST
    From: devooght%meridian@ads.arpa (Lawrence De Vooght)

	 We at Advanced Decision Systems (ADS) are interested in
    implementing a rtape service using tcp-ip from a Symbolics machine to
    a Sun with a 9-track tape storage unit. I have been told that it is on
    latest Slug tape. If so will this allow me to do a LMFS transfer to
    this remote 9-track tape storage unit. If this is not so, does  anyone
    know of some software that will help. 

Our site submitted that software.  I'm not sure what you mean by "a LMFS
transfer to this ... tape".  We implemented it so that we could do LMFS
backups to a tape drive connected to a Unix machine that doesn't
implement Chaosnet.

Currently it is only debugged fully on Ultrix 2.0.  But it should not be
difficult to make it work on Sun.  It is based on the Chaos version that
Symbolics originally wrote for 4.2 bsd Unix.  The network part uses
sockets, so it should be portable across the Berkeley-based Unix
versions.  The tape handling needed some work to make it compatible with
Ultrix tape device drivers, but most of it should be upward-compatible
or conditionally-compiled.