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rtape dump

 From your message ---		

		  We implemented it so that we could do LMFS
backups to a tape drive connected to a Unix machine that doesn't
implement Chaosnet....

---- I see you have about solved my problem. I have been try to get a
copy of the latest SLUG tape, but I am at a loss at to who our (ADS)
local SLUG representative is and the how and the where of library
privileges. I have an "application for library privileges" and I was
told that my representative is :

	     Paul Pangaro
	     1430 Massachusetts Ave.
	     Suite 306 - 608
	     Cambridge, Mass. 02138

     So my question to you is how do I go about this. Do I submit
this request via the above mentioned application to Paul Pangaro 
or send the application directly to you, or somewhere else. My
knowledge of the procedures relating to submissions and requests to
SLUG is deficient, as I have only recently taken over the position of
Systems Manager for the Symbolics lisp machines at ADS. Your help in
this matter will be heartily appreciated.

			L. D. De Vooght