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rtape dump

    Date: Fri, 22 Jan 88 21:14:10 PST
    From: devooght%meridian@ads.arpa (Lawrence De Vooght)

    I have been try to get a
    copy of the latest SLUG tape, but I am at a loss at to who our (ADS)
    local SLUG representative is and the how and the where of library
    privileges. I have an "application for library privileges" and I was
    told that my representative is :

		 Paul Pangaro
		 1430 Massachusetts Ave.
		 Suite 306 - 608
		 Cambridge, Mass. 02138

I think Paul is the SLUG president, and that address is the SLUG office.
Your SLUG Representative is someone in your company who acts as the
liaison between your company and SLUG.  I think the only purpose of
the SLUG representative is that mail from SLUG (e.g. the SLUG Library
tapes) will be addressed to that person; since you are the ADS Lispm
system manager, it probably should be you.

	 So my question to you is how do I go about this. Do I submit
    this request via the above mentioned application to Paul Pangaro 
    or send the application directly to you, or somewhere else. 

Mac Michaels of MCC is the SLUG Librarian.  You can send electronic mail
to Michaels@MCC.COM for detailed information about the SLUG Library.