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Re: Static Space filling up

    Date: Wed, 27 Jan 88 10:23 EST
    From: FOO

	Date: Tue, 26 Jan 88 19:00 EST
	From: David L. Andre <DLA@DIAMOND.S4CC.Symbolics.COM>

    You forgot to tell him that stacks take up considerably
    less space in 7.2.

Stacks take up considerably less space in 7.2.

	    Date: Sun, 24 Jan 88 13:34:05 PST
	    From: luria@renoir.Berkeley.EDU (Marc Luria)

		The problem cannot be compiled-function-area, since that is not
		reclaimed by full-gc.  Compiled functions can be reclaimed using the
		:Optimize World command.  Why don't you use the ROOM function and find
		out for yourself what areas are filling up?

	    I did check, and it seems the main culprit is STACK-AREA
	    This has gone from 2912K used a couple weeks ago, to
	    6848K today.  Whereas the type of other regions is List or Struc
	    New of Static, the type of the stack region is Stack.  I assume
	    that is not garbage collecting the stack space of processes
	    which have been killed.  Is there a way to gc this area?

	Stacks cannot currently be GC'd for various reasons.  The bad reason is
	that nobody has ever needed stack GC, and the half-good one is that it's
	fairly difficult to implement it efficiently.

	I'm curious as to why you are creating so many stacks.  I rather doubt
	that this is due to Symbolics software.  If you are creating processes,
	coroutines, or stack groups and throwing them away, I suggest that you
	consider using a resource.

	If you want, do (si:describe-area sys:stack-area) and mail me the results.
	It would probably be best not to bore all of SLUG with the printout.