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>Date: Fri, 29 Jan 88 17:33:13 PST
>From: MARSHALL%PLU@ames-io.ARPA
>To: slug@r20.utexas.edu

>"Truncating-pop-up-text-window-with-reset" is the name
>of the type of window exposed by a Select-HELP. 
>I want to make my own window with these characteristics -- 
>i.e. a window that, immediately after exposure, deselects
>upon any keyboard or mouse input. It sounds simple enough
>but the cold-load stream is becoming all too familiar...
>If someone has done this before, please mail.

>  Michael

>e-mail: marshall%pluto@ames-io.arpa

This code work fine for my system:

(defconst 1*HELP-WINDOW* 0(tv:make-window 'tv:truncating-pop-up-text-window-with-reset))	;2This is the kind of window
0						;2used for pop-up help on the lisp-machine 3(FFI 30-Aug-87)0 

(defun 1PRINT-HELP 0(string)			;2Inspired of the similar function on the lisp-machine help system
0  (setf (tv:sheet-truncate-line-out-flag *help-window*) 0)
  (send *help-window* ':set-label "PRS documentation")
  (tv:window-mouse-call (*help-window* :deactivate)
    (scl:indenting-output (*help-window* "        ")
      (terpri *help-window*)
      (tv:with-character-style ('(:eurex :italic :huge) *help-window*)
	(format *help-window* "PRS Help~%"))
      (terpri *help-window*)
      (send *help-window* ':string-out string))
    (tv:type-a-space-to-flush *help-window*)))