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Print Spooler woes

We're having some problems with the Symbolics Print "Spooler" software, and
were wondering if there's something obvious that we're overlooking.

The situation is that we have 3 Symbolics, one (a 3620) designated as the
print spooler and with the print system installed.  It's hooked via cable to
a QMS-PS-800+.  Our major problem with the spooler is that it doesn't spool;
if we try to send a print request while another is being processed (such as
a screen dump which takes a while), it crashes.  We also seem to be getting a
bit more than our share of "Serial Unit Locks", as well as needing to reboot
the spooler machine a bit more often than one would expect to get rid of such

Is this something that others have encountered?  And if so, is the problem
with the Symbolics software, or are we not doing something that we should be?

tyg  galloway@clsepf51.bitnet  OR  galloway%clsepf51.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU