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Re: Print Spooler Woes

    Date: Mon, 15 Feb 88 08:24 AST
    From: Gavin L. Hemphill <Gavin@DREA-BALROG.ARPA>

    Just another comment that print spooling (to an Apple Laserwriter) works
    fine at our site as well, even under Genera 7.1.  The only problem I
    have with the current setup is the fact that the spooler insists on
    printing things back to front so the stuff comes out stacked in the
    right order -- I WISH there were some way of turning this off, if you
    have a document with lots of downloaded fonts in it you get screwed.
    We've given up trying to print *.dvi files generated from the SLUG
    Library TEX due to this problem.

Gavin Hemphill has discussed this problem with people at Symbolics, and
it has been determined that what he's running into here has been fixed,
and the fix will be included in Genera 7.2.