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IP-TCP Root Domain Server Addresses

(Customer-reports is CCed on this as I hope they will clarify the issues raised

This applies to you only if you are running IP-TCP:

The last documentation I saw from Symbolics indicated to use the addresses and for the ROOT DOMAIN SERVER ADDRESS entries in your
site's namespace entry.  (To be fair to Symbolics, they do indicate those
addresses change.  But not everyone is on the mailing lists that announce
such changes.)  It turns out that is not a valid address
any more.  The current root domain servers are (to the best of my knowledge)


I see very little reason to put more than one address for each host
(unless your route to each address differs enough that one might be
accessible while the other isn't).  If the connection from your host to
the Arpanet is closer than to the Milnet, you probably should use the for the NIC (otherwise use the  From the NIC host
tables, it looks like BRL-AOS is accessible only through BRL-GATEWAY
(and BRL-GATEWAY2) and those are accessible from the MILNET (ie, not the
ARPANET).  I see little reason to choose the address for
BRL-AOS, so you might choose to use the address.

I believe that (but I may be wrong) if you try to parse a bogus domain
host, the code will probably query each of the root servers.  Therefore if
you are far from the MILNET (in terms of gateways), it may take a long time
before your system gives up if you put all three root domain servers in
your site entry.  I would suggest having at least two as there are times
when, say, SRI-NIC is down.   (On the other hand, if you are near the
MILNET, then you may want all three.)

Unless I have problems or hear otherwise from Symbolics, I am going to
set my root domain server addresses to be and

Maybe Symbolics will clarify this for us.