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Lasering Whole DW Windows

    Date: 24 Feb 88 13:46:00 EST
    From: "ARTIC::AREAPU" <areapu%artic.decnet@ari-hq1.arpa>

    On behalf of a local user:

    Screen dumps are fine, except when the window itself is
    much larger. Then, it seems, you must scroll the window,
    dump again, scroll again, dump again.... Has anyone solved
    this problem with a utility that takes a window and methodically
    dumps all its contents to the laser printer? Many thanks.


In my 7.2 Beta test world the Copy Output History Into Editor command
has been generalized to:

	Copy Output History (a destination) ...

and all the standard :Output Destination arguments are allowed here
(yay, now we can copy it into a file without first making an editor
buffer!).  And thanks to the device-independent graphics in 7.2, I
expect that all the graphics in the history are included in the