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Symbolics and Birthdays

    Date: Fri, 26 Feb 88 09:58:41 est
    From: Michael S. Kelsen <kelsen@ge-dab.ge.com>

	 Our Symbolics was to the only machine to wish me a Happy Birthday
    today when I logged in.  Our Vax is too stupid to figure something like
    that out and my Sun has enough trouble keeping track of the current time.

	 I got to thinking that maybe the Symbolics would wish me a Merry
    Christmas on Christmas day.  I reset the clock to 12/25 but no such luck.

	 Are there any other occasions when the Symbolics would print out
    a message at login?

Sorry, no.  We plan to hire a person full-time to work on this, under
the aegis of "user-friendliness".  :-)

P.S. Did you happen to notice that the function that wishes you a happy
birthday is called MAKE-LOGIN-SLOWER?

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