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location of this year's conference

This was posted about two months ago. A mailing (with registration
materials) is going to the printer's on Monday and should be in y'all's
hands by no more than three weeks from today. Here's what was posted
a couple of months ago. Mostly its all still true.



	         International Symbolics LISP Users' Group

		        6 & 7 June 88 --- Tutorials

		       8, 9 & 10 June --- Conference

		         University of Pennsylvania
			      Philadelphia, PA

Planning is now underway for this meeting and we are soliciting ideas and
participants in earnest.

We need to know your desires for topics of the Tutorials that are
traditionally given by Symbolics Education Services. Also, if you have other
suggestions about the program, or contributions (talks, etc) we'd like to
know about them. Please respond directly to: 
with your needs.

Also it is essential for us to know who will want university accommodation,
which is always the least expensive. Please respond directly and IMMEDIATELY
Hotels, of course, will also be recommended closer to the dates.

We expect to be sending out Registration Materials in late February. All those
who attended last year's meeting in Seattle will be on this mailing list, and
of course so too will be all National Members. If you are not presently and
wish to be placed on this list, please send mail to our Membership Secretary,
Louie Weitzman, at weitzman@mcc.com.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in June.

Richard Billington		      Paul Pangaro, Acting Program Chair
Organization Chair		      areapu%artic.decnet@ari-hq1.arpa
buff@cis.upenn.edu		      pan@athena.pangaro.dialnet.symbolics.com